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Moongate Travelers 470  -  A Shroud of the Avatar Guild

The Moongate Travelers got their name from a prestigious individual within the Kickstarter membership of Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues pledge Campaign. In the final days, the stretch goals were beginning to seem harder and harder to achieve considering the lessened amount of pledges coming in, so RSF and an individual named Umbrae started chanting this:

Welcome new Backers and thank you Pledge Jumpers!


☥ ☥ ☥ ☥ ☥ OPPOSED HIS PATH TO 1.9MIL ☥ ☥ ☥ ☥ ☥ ☥ ☥

///// — FINAL STRETCH TO 2 MIL ! — \\\\\


—– Pledge Push to the SKY ——


Become Virtuous! Up your pledge by $4.70 or upgrade to a new tier! Remember House owners pledge $ amount determines land grab!

4 to ☥ Honor ☥ Ultima 4

7 to show ☥ Compassion ☥ for Ultima 7

0 for the ☥ Valor ☥ to bring it Online (well guess that’s in 1337) or Ultima Online

We can all be Virtuous, just raise your pledge: no matter the amount of ☥ Humility ☥. Then add something Virtuous to your KS name:

☆[Pledge Tier] [Name]☆ [MGT470] [Virtuous] [Fun Name] MGT470 = Moongate Travelers

Also, Dame Lori was a valuable asset in the increasing of pledges through the design of the rewards tier charts and they were also so good that they were used by the SotA development team!

Our plan is to find any individuals that wish to be a part of something great and maybe even create a city in-game that is centred around these great individuals that pushed to the very end to get those stretch goals that will make this game even greater.

Guild of the Moongate Travelers 470

--==Guild Charter==--

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! This is the Charter of the Virtuous Guild of the Moongate Travelers 470! ‘Tis the way your founders and members of the guild have chosen it to be. Read and listen closely, that your path may be enlightened!


Section One: The Guild Members

• Our Guild welcomes anyone and everyone.

• All members of the guild will be known as Travelers of the Moongates.

• May your time be devoted to the wondrous worlds of Shroud of the Avatar, or should the outer realities require most of your time, you are evenly welcome. Even more, demands of your outer world always prevail against that which is within this one.


Section Two: Virtues of the Travelers

• At the heart of our guild’s life lies the community of its members, the Travelers.

• Tales and communication are quite welcome - try to keep close ties with your guild.

• Be friendly to your fellow Travelers, keep yourself laid-back, and you will be welcome here.

• When you are in need, fellow travelers will come to your aid.

• If you are able, be prepared to return aid to your fellow travelers - especially when they are under attack by other warriors in the world of Shroud of the Avatar!

• Even if encouraged, and at the heart of our guild, do not claim any aid as being your right. Be polite and thankful, and keep it balanced.

• Nay are formal duties, requirements, commands or orders a part of the guild. Live your life as you see fit.


Section Three: How We Live in the Worlds to Come

• Happily, the guild co-exists with the communities, guilds and organizations that colorize our world. But beware, if necessary, we must stand together and will help each and every single one of our guild members!

• Keep Attention, from time to time there may be tournaments, competitions, quests, and more, as the creative travelers of the guild will bring them to life!