Guild Charter
  • Anyone at any level of play is welcome.
  • No Extreme Competition required with other guilds unless it is wanted or necessary
  • All types of players hold importance to this guild.

  • Friendly Dispositions to fellow guildmates
  • Help Each other when necessary, help back if possible
  • Schedule Fun Events (Dependent on game functionality).
  • Friendly, Laid-back guild environment
  • Real life comes first and foremost.

  • Community focused
  • No formal requirements, major commitments, or obligations (unless agreed upon by individual)
  • Supportive communication between guildmates
  • No command-and-order structure, no "do this/do that.
  • Play the game as you see fit to suffice your entertainment needs!

In any forced PvP, or flagged PvP area, guildmates should help out fellow guildmates in excess to help stave off griefing.

Guildmates should help out in any way possible if being helped by another guildmate to ensure both parties are satisfied.